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천사 같은 너

"As long as we can see the same sky, breathe the same air, step on the same planet, then you and I are not impossible."

B.A.P // BTS // VIXX

TRACK: Jimin's giggles

the-ultimate-kohai: “someone needs to make an audio compilation of Park Jimin’s giggles”

Well, I hope I’ve made your dream come to life. You can thank me later ;D


140726 Nowon Fansign

yongguk’s muscles tho o//o

All you who close your eyes over money and threats, get out
On the news, everyone’s a public enemy

Psychopaths are crazily flying all over the place

This is a war against crime
I will repay you the exact same way
Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, remember those words
There’s no forgiveness in us



So I reached a certain number of followers and I wanted to make my first follow forever to thank you these amazing blogs :D I had my blog for about a year and I made so many friends on here (X You guys and my cute followers makes me so happy!! Thank you for following my b&w blog and talking to me~ Hopefully I didn’t forget about anyone.. But check out these blogs below 

PS - I hope you guys like the gif I made for this follow forever bc it took me like an hour or 2 to make it ;; but then I procrastinated too LOL OTL

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his nose scrunches up when singing is so cute ^^